Pay attention to different times

during school holidays.

You find the times HERE.

Common marmoset curious to see if the greek land tortoises is willing to share their meal
One of our common marmosets with a specially designed birthdaycake
Diamond python with rat in Oslo Reptilpark
Pygmy marmoset has found some snacks
Chemelons catch their pray with great precision!



What does the crocodile eat?

Can snakes swallow their food without chewing?

What is the Marmosets favourite food?

Is it true that the turtles only eat greens?

And how many crickets can a Bearded Dragons eat?


On Tuesdays you can see with your own eyes ...

Come and see us feed the animals!


The Feeding Show is suitable for

children and adults of all ages.


When the feeding is over,

you get the opportunity to meet a real live python!





Spectacled caiman having lunch in Oslo Reptilpark
Baby corn snake eating dinner

Animal presentations
has been put on hold for a while because of the challenges with groups of people in regards of Covid.

But we will start up again!

In the meantime we will continue to show you animals like we've always done, and we love it if you ask us questions!

Please note that while there is a risk for covid-19 we can not let visitors interact with our animals.