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                   Reptilepark News                     

Temporarily closed

due to Oslo's city governments guidelines to help prevent spreading of Covid-19.

Follow us here, on Facebook or Instagram to get notified when we open again.

If you wish to buy giftcards, toys, plush animals, puzzles or other gifts for the animal lover, reach out to us and we'll help you!

We are looking foreward to seeing all of you again!



We hope you all had a merry christmas and are ready for a new year!

From tomorrow we are on normal winter opening hours; tuesday-sunday 10am-6pm.



Starting july 16

Because of too many visitors this summer we are doing some change to the usual tuesday feeding show. We are doing this so that more people will be able to see and get the most out of their visit. Press the link underneath to see the new times. 
Tuesday july 9th will run as before with feeding at 5pm. New times from july 16th.

Welcome! We would love to see you!

Open every day during easter

Come see us every day during easter! We are open from 10am in the morning to 6pm in the afternoon.

We can promise you sharp teeth and cute faces. And they can jump, walk, crawl and creep..

See you!

We are working for better weelchair accessibility

March 19, 2019

These days there are big changes happening here. We are currently remodeling our toilets into one big toilet accessible for wheelchairs. Later on this year we will also install stair lifts.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that might occur during these projects.

Tourist in your own city is over. Back to the ordinary days!

Yesterdays event Tourist in your own city 

Tourist in your own city april 15th 2018

On sunday april 15th we are all set for the yearly event Tourist in your own city.

With the Tourist in your own city-pass your get free entrance this day, but bare in mind that we are expecting a lot of visitors and it will get crowded. You get the pass at Oslo Visitor Centre, and also at City Hall on april 15th. 

The Tourist in your own city free pass is only valid at this date april 15th 2018.

The Reptilepark is open as normal also to paying customers, but again, we are expecting a crowd and to get full value we recommend you to do your visit at any other date.

Follow the link underneath to be sent to Visit Oslo where you can read more about this event.

Welcome every day!

Easter is over and this is a perfect time for those who want a more quiet experience. There are still a few more quiet days before high season sets in.

Don't miss the feeding of the animals every tuesday at 5pm.


We wish you all a happy easter!

We welcome you every day all through easter from 10am-6pm!

New prices from january 2018

January 5, 2018

Curious about what the animals eat?

September 11, 2017

Every tuesday at 5pm you can join us and see for your self! We feed snakes, lizards, monkeys and even the caiman..

Fall is here!

September 9, 2017

We have left a busy summer behind us and heading for more quiet days. This is perfect for all of you that want the place a little more to yourselves. More place to look, less noise! Thank you to everyone that visited us this summer!
Our opening hours are tuesday-sunday 10am-6pm.
Welcome to all!

This is what you can do here this easter!

Monday april 10, wednesday april 12 and thursday april 13 at 2pm

See the monkeys eat and talk to the zookeeper!

Feeding show on tuesday april 11 at 5pm

See the snakes and the crocodile eat!

Saturday april 8, sunday april 9, friday april 14 and saturday april 15 at 3pm

Take a closer look at a tarantula!

Sunday april 16 at 3pm

Meet a lizard.. We love bearded dragons!


On Facebook there will be a competition, guess wich animal we post and you may win a sweet surprise and free tickets to our park! Link below..

Today, it's 15 years since we opened our doors for the first time!

January 10, 2017

It's a big day! It's been 15 years since Oslo Reptilepark first opened, then in Storgata. Since then we have been through a lot, mostly fun, and we moved to the current address, St. Olavsgate 2.

This year we want to give a little back to all of you that visited us all these years, and to you that still wants to come. We are planning big and small events, follow us, we'll announce them on Facebook, Instagram and here on our web sites!

Here's an article (in norwegian) from the first month after our opening :-)

Happy new year!

December 30, 2016

We wish you all a safe and happy celebration of the new year tomorrow! Take care of each other.

And we also wish to thank all of you that visited us this past year, you are all highly appreciated! We look foreward to seing both old and new faces in 2017

We open again january 3rd! Welcome!

Opening hours during winter

September 1 - march 31

We are heading in to the cold months of the year and the opening hours for the season, september 1 - march 31, is as follows:

Tuesday - sunday 10am-6pm. Mondays closed.

Aside from that, we are happy to tell you that our tiny Surinam toads are doing great and that our Emperor scorpion last night gave birth to a herd of tiny, white scorplings!

We welcome you all!

Facade renovations

June 2016

In the weeks to come the facade and entryway will be renovated. 

Be aware of wet paint on walls and doors, both in backyard and entryway, but also the walls facing the street.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.


April 17, 2016

This sunday there will be free entrance for everyone with Oslo PASS.

Last year we had a massive amount of visitors so please be aware that there may be long queues this day.

We strongly recomend that you come another day if you want to max your experience.


There will be an opprtunity to see a snake outside it's terrarium this day, but please note that for the sake of the animals there will likely not be possible the hold a snake this day.

Easter is almost here!

March 18-28

We are open every day from now until september, also during easter!

On tuesdays at 5pm you can come with us to see the animals being fed or you can hold a snake if you dare..?

During easter you can also do this:

3 pm, March 18, 21 and 25 MEET A BEARDED DRAGON! 


3 pm, March 19, 22 and 26 GET CLOSE AND PERSONAL WITH A TARANTULA...


3 pm, March 20, 24 and 27 LOOK INTO A LEOPARD GECKO'S EYES


5pm, March 22 FEEDINGSHOW

Happy new year!

Welcome 2016

We hope you all had a nice christmas and wish you all a happy new year!

Take care of each other and the animals. And remember to rach out to those who need it.

See you in 2016!
We open again as normal on the 2. of january. Tuesday-sunday 10am-6pm.

Results of todays fundraiser

18 oktober 2015

Today we donated all our ticket sales to NRK Tv-aksjonen and Rainforest Foundation Norway.
Although we had to compete with the most fabulous october weather, the result was 21 750 NOK!
Thank you!

Newest member of the family!

29 mai 2015

Brumla came to us around new years and is already very popular!
She is a Burmese Python, usually very nice, but really cranky when hungry...
She is the first one to greet you when entering the park. Welcome!

Celebrating 5000 likes on Facebook!

We are so happy about all our followers that we have decided to celebrate it with a day of cheap tickets!


June 5th, 50 NOK pr person!


The stolen marmosets are back!

May 28, 2015

Wednesday morning employees came to work finding huge amounts of broken glass and to monkeys missing. It was one common marmoset and one pygmy marmoset.
The police was contacted and later media. The monkeynapping got massive attention i both media and social media and we sent out a cry for anyone with information or regrets for his/her actions to contact us.
We still don't know who is behind the break in, but are thrilled to announce that both animals was returned by an anonomous person late wednesday night.
We believe that all the buzzing in social media, tv and newspapers has made a great contribution to why this got such a happy outcome.

Both primates got a very warm welcome back in their families and have spent their time since grooming and being groomed and other normal marmoset behavior.
The common marmoset has a rather bad-looking fur coat after being covered in what seems to be banana. His brother is on the job with cleaning him up!


They are all eating, drinking and being curious and fully accepting of the zoo keepers as usual.

It is a happy day in Oslo Reptilepark!

A huge thank you to everyone that contributed to sharing, spreading the word and keeping their eyes open. Also to everyone that sent us kind words.
A big thank you is also directed to the media that gave of their time and space!


Winners of this year's Easter Quiz

8 april 2015

Winners are:


Helge Leander B. Jensen! You can choose between a day as a zoo keeper or a one-year-ticket!


Bente Bjørnseth and Christine Østrem, you each get chocolate and one ticket in the mail!

Congratulations to all  of you!



From april 1st - september 31st

No more words neccesary. Come whenever you like!
Between 10am and 6pm that is!


March 28 to april 8

No holiday here...

The Reptilepark is open every day from 10am-6pm!

Bring your friends, kids or your grandma and come see our snakes! Maybe you dear to hold one as well....?

Please reload

Open every day from april 1st!

Monday-sunday 10am-6pm

We are looking foreward to seeing all of you!

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