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Palm treet blader


Oslo Reptilpark opened its doors for the first time in Storgata in Oslo in 2002 with the general manager as the only employee. It was a life-long childhood dream that finally saw the light of day after about 4 years of applications and paperwork. For many years, the general manager was the only employee with a large group of volunteers who did an invaluable job with animals and visitors.


Since then, a lot has happened.

In September 2007, after a turbulent time with the loss of our lease and difficulties in finding new suitable premises, around 80 animals moved into new, larger and nicer premises in St. Olavsgate 2 at the bottom of St. Hanshaugen.


A large work team consisting of friends, family, volunteers and enthusiasts worked day and night to get the terrariums and interiors up and running in order to once again let the public in for magical experiences.

A massive thank you to all those who gave of their time and effort!


We are still thinking about small and large new projects to give the public even more exciting visual experiences.

We have our heads full of ideas and see potential for improvement in every terrarium.


In 2011 we have 3 full-time employees and 5 regular volunteers and the park looks better than ever. With over 50 different species, we are sure to give the public an exciting experience and to see even more people challenge themselves with one of our snakes, or in special cases a lizard or tarantula!

In 2016, we have 10 employees and we still meet bucketloads of enthusiastic, curious and sometimes a little nervous adults and children. We have a hugely rewarding job, where we get to share what we love with so many people every day!


On January 10, 2022 we should have celebrated that Oslo has had its own Reptilepark for 20 years! But instead we, like everyone else, are affected by the pandemic. We lay behind us two years of much hardship, closed doors, lost income and long periods without the opportunity to welcome visitors. But we continued to look ahead and got over the hurdles. Largely thanks to loyal visitors who supported along the way and were ready when we reopened. We are so grateful and look forward to giving you more exciting encounters with odd creatures.

We hope you will continue to join us on the journey!

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